PFS Value

Running a restaurant or food service company is competitive time consuming and stressful. These are always issues pulling owners in many directions. There are hundreds of services and products an owner requires to run a clean, safe, and profitable business. However, few have as good a value proposition as Pure Food Safety.

Pure Food Safety provides its customers with an effective and reliable technology that protects their business and investment all day every day.



Contamination and Risk Mitigation – Our technology protects your customers, staff and business investment from contamination of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.

Investment and Brand Protection  – The time, energy and money of your investment in your brand are protected all day every day.

Reduction in Staff Sick Days – Staff protection equals your protection. If your staff are healthy and happy they will work harder, longer and be more productive.

Keeps Food Fresher Longer – A unique feature of the technology is that it removes Ethylene from the air. This prevents the fast decay of your fresh food. This is a simple saving that adds to your bottom line.

University Studies – Our technology is NASA developed technology that has been tried and tested in multiple University studies. The facts prove that the technology eliminates surface and air contaminants.

Actual Realized Return on Investment (ROI) – Not only is your investment, brand and customer base protected but PFS provides its clients with an actual return on investment. Our technology keeps your produce fresher longer thus reducing wastage and improving profits. Also, our clients will see a reduction in staff sick days due to a healthier environment.